Music for mourning, praying and hope

Grant them rest, O Lord

There has always been reason, from time to time, to mourn. For our friends, our loved ones, our families, ourselves. If we are human, we will mourn.

That need is intensified in times of crisis, such as the situation we find ourselves in now. Each day we hear of deaths, of people we don’t know and people we do know.

This work was originally written to mark the end of a War. At the time, I pointed out that the Evening was the time when soldiers could retrieve their dead comrades from the field, and count their losses.

Lord Jesus Christ

The same goes today. It’s in the evening when we find the count of the day’s losses. It is in the calm of the evening – when the world is hushed from its normal noise by the lockdown – that we can think, give thanks, and pray for those we have lost. Hence an ‘Evening’ Requiem again seems to be appropriate.

Those who have lost loved ones to this virus have often not been able to say goodbye to them in person; and any small ceremonies to remember the dead are having to be delayed. Having music to listen to in the evening hours, to use it to pray – if you wish – is helpful.

May the Angels lead you into Paradise

But there is another reason why this is an ‘Evening’ Requiem. Death is, they say, the great leveller and while the politically minded are quite rightly pointing out that the poor and underprivileged are more at risk from the current pandemic, it is nevertheless true that we will all die. Each of us will return to earth.

But there is, by Christian and other religions’ tradition, hope. The hope of eternal life, of a loving God, of life.

Mourning, love, light and hope are the themes of this Requiem. I hope that you find it useful.